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Thawing the Freeze: A Guide to Preventing and Dealing with Frozen Pipes

12/14/2023 (Permalink)

a frozen pipe faucet a frozen pipe faucet leak that is frozen

Thawing the Freeze: A Guide to Preventing and Dealing with Frozen Pipes

Meet the winter challenge head-on by safeguarding your property against frozen pipes and the potential damage they bring. As temperatures plummet, homes and businesses face the risk of leaks, flooding, and even mold. To ensure your water pipes stay functional and your property remains safe, here's a comprehensive guide:

Frozen Pipes: What You Should Know

Understanding the causes is the first step in prevention. Sudden temperature drops, poor insulation, and low thermostat settings contribute to frozen pipes. The vulnerability increases in pipes running alongside exterior walls, exposed to the elements, and those in unheated spaces.

Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

  • Disconnect outside garden hoses and secure outdoor valves.
  • Ensure your basement is heated, cover crawl space air vents, and close windows near water pipes.
  • Let faucets drip slightly overnight, especially those on outside walls.
  • Insulate exposed pipes and use heating tape or pipe insulation.
  • Keep cabinets open to let heat reach plumbing, and install weather sealing around windows.
  • Regularly check and insulate pipes in unheated areas, like garages.
  • Never use antifreeze unless directed, as it can be hazardous.

Can You Thaw Frozen Pipes?

Discovering frozen pipes doesn't have to be a nightmare. Follow these steps:

  • Shut off the water supply via the main valve.
  • Open a faucet to encourage thawing, and apply heat using an electric heating pad, space heater, or hot towels.
  • Never use open flames or kerosene for thawing.
  • If in doubt or unable to thaw, call a licensed plumber.

Winter Vacation Tip: Check Your Pipes Before Heading Out

If you're escaping the cold for warmer climes, protect your home:

  • Shut off water supply and consider draining the system.
  • Keep the thermostat no lower than 55º Fahrenheit (12º Celsius).
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to check your house regularly.

SERVPRO’s Water Damage Cleanup Process

Should water damage occur, SERVPRO®
Team Majeski is here to help with our eight-step restoration process:

  • Emergency Contact
  • Inspection and Water Damage Assessment
  • Water Removal
  • Damaged Material Removal
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Deodorization
  • Drying
  • Monitoring
  • Repairs and Construction

NJ Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared for Water Damage?

9/7/2023 (Permalink)

hurricane in ocean waves forming in ocean as a result of hurricane

New Jersey's hurricane season typically spans from June through November, with the highest likelihood of storms occurring between August and October. While the Garden State might not be as hurricane-prone as some other coastal regions, it's essential for residents to be prepared. One of the significant risks associated with hurricanes and tropical storms is water damage to homes and businesses.

Water damage in the home often starts as a small issue that worsens over time. Problems like a leaky pipe, roof damage, or condensation may lead to extensive damage if not detected or addressed promptly. However, during hurricane season, the risks escalate, and the damage can be severe.

Here's what you need to know about preparing for water damage during NJ's hurricane season:

1. Inspect Your Property: Before hurricane season kicks into high gear, take time to inspect your property. Look for any existing issues like leaks, cracks, or damaged roofing that could be exacerbated during a storm.

2. Secure Outdoor Items: High winds can turn outdoor items into projectiles. Secure or store outdoor furniture, grills, and other loose items to prevent damage to your property or neighboring ones.

3. Check Drainage Systems: Ensure that your property's drainage systems, such as gutters and downspouts, are clear of debris and in good working order. Proper drainage can prevent water from pooling near your home's foundation.

4. Create an Emergency Kit: Assemble an emergency kit that includes essential items like bottled water, non-perishable food, flashlights, batteries, a first-aid kit, and important documents. Don't forget to include any necessary medications.

5. Develop an Evacuation Plan: Familiarize yourself with your community's evacuation routes and shelters. Have a plan in place for your family, including pets, in case you need to evacuate.

6. Consider Flood Insurance: Standard homeowners' insurance policies often don't cover flood damage. If you live in an area prone to flooding, consider purchasing flood insurance to protect your home and belongings.

7. Stay Informed: Monitor weather forecasts and stay informed about approaching storms. Sign up for emergency alerts and have a battery-powered weather radio on hand.

8. Trim Trees and Branches: Overhanging branches or weak trees can become hazards during strong winds. Trim trees and branches that could potentially damage your home or power lines.

Despite all precautions, water damage can still occur during a hurricane. If your home experiences water damage, it's crucial to act quickly to minimize further harm. Our team is available 24/7 to respond promptly and mitigate the damage, helping you get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Don't wait until the next storm hits. Be proactive and prepared to protect your home and loved ones during New Jersey's hurricane season.

End of Summer Maintenance Checklist

8/21/2023 (Permalink)

As summer winds down, it's essential to prepare your home for the transition to the cooler months. Here's a quick checklist to ensure your property is in top shape:

- Inspect and Clean Gutters: Remove leaves and debris to prevent clogs that could lead to water damage.
- Check Windows and Doors: Seal any gaps to keep drafts out and maintain energy efficiency.
- Service HVAC System: Schedule a professional HVAC inspection and maintenance to ensure optimal performance during the upcoming seasons.
- Trim Trees and Bushes: Cut back overgrown vegetation to prevent potential hazards during storms.
- Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Ensure these life-saving devices are working properly.
- Clean Outdoor Furniture: Wipe down and store outdoor furniture to protect it from harsh weather.
- Inspect Roof and Chimney: Address any needed repairs before winter weather arrives.
- Drain and Store Hoses: Prevent freezing by disconnecting hoses and storing them indoors.
- Clean and Store Grill: Give your grill a thorough cleaning and store it properly.
- Schedule a Fall Maintenance Inspection: Get ahead of potential issues by scheduling a professional inspection.

Remember, a little maintenance now can save you time and money in the long run. Let us know if we can assist you with any end-of-summer home maintenance needs! Contact SERVPRO Team Majeski today for a consultation: 732-578-9888.

The Navy SEAL Foundation New York City SEAL Swim

8/9/2023 (Permalink)

16 DAYS TO GO!!!

We're in the final countdown to the NYC Navy SEAL Swim in the Hudson River, proudly led by the owner of SERVPRO® Team Majeski. The journey of preparation has been intense, involving invigorating ocean swims, challenging pull-ups, and dedicated push-ups. All this hard work is aimed at ensuring a successful swim without any assistance from support boats.


Our united cause is to extend unwavering support to our veterans who've selflessly served our country. This is our opportunity to give back to these exceptional individuals who have given so much.

If you're ready to stand with us and make a difference for our veterans, we invite you to be part of this meaningful mission:

Together, we can make a powerful impact and honor our heroes. 

Customer Testimonial

7/11/2023 (Permalink)

"We had a bathroom overflow in our office and needed someone to come fast. Two gentlemen from SERVPRO arrived promptly, cleaning up the mess, eliminating the smell, and setting up fans to dry the area. They kept us informed throughout the process. Highly recommended. This firsthand experience echoes our unwavering dedication to swift, dependable, and comprehensive restoration solutions. Our skilled team leverages cutting-edge equipment to accelerate the drying process, ensuring efficiency. Clear and continuous communication with our valued clients remains our top priority.At SERVPRO, we stand as your dedicated partner, offering unparalleled service. Feel free to reach out and immerse yourself in the remarkable quality we consistently provide. Whether for immediate assistance or comprehensive restoration requirements, contact us today. We're here to ensure your restoration needs are met with excellence.

Why SERVPRO: Protecting Unaffected Areas During Mold Remediation

7/10/2023 (Permalink)

mold forming in the corner of a white window cutout mold forming in the corner of a white window cutout

Effective containment is of paramount importance when it comes to mold remediation, playing a pivotal role in thwarting cross-contamination and securing a seamless remediation process. At SERVPRO®, we place a premium on shielding unaffected areas within your residence.

Our fastidious methodology in fortifying your property during mold remediation stands as a linchpin of our service. By choosing SERVPRO, you opt for a partner dedicated to delivering meticulous, dependable, and professional mold remediation solutions.

Rest assured, your home’s well-being is our utmost priority. Count on us to safeguard your space and restore it to a clean and healthy environment. Our certified technicians meticulously assess the extent of mold infestation, employ state-of-the-art techniques, and utilize advanced equipment to ensure thorough remediation.

Choose SERVPRO for unparalleled mold remediation services that prioritize your peace of mind. Your trust in us is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence in every step of the process.

Why SERVPRO: Protecting Unaffected Areas During Mold Remediation

7/6/2023 (Permalink)

mold forming in the corner of a window frame Mold forming in the corner of a window frame

Proper containment is crucial during mold remediation to prevent cross-contamination and ensure a successful remediation process. At SERVPRO®, we prioritize the protection of unaffected areas in your home. Our meticulous approach to safeguarding your property during mold remediation is essential. Choose SERVPRO for professional and reliable mold remediation services.

Storm Season Preparedness: 7 Essential Tips to Protect Your Property

7/5/2023 (Permalink)

lightning flashing in dark sky lightning flashing in dark sky
  1. Create an Emergency Plan: Develop a detailed plan that includes evacuation routes, designated meeting points, and emergency contacts. Share this plan with your family or employees.

  2. Secure Your Property: Inspect your property for vulnerable areas, such as loose roof shingles or weak tree branches, and address them promptly. Trim trees and secure outdoor furniture and equipment to prevent damage during strong winds.

  3. Safeguard Important Documents: Store important documents, such as insurance policies, identification papers, and medical records, in a waterproof and fireproof container. Consider making digital copies as well.

  4. Prepare an Emergency Kit: Assemble a well-stocked emergency kit that includes essentials like non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, and a portable phone charger. Keep it easily accessible in case of power outages or evacuation.

  5. Backup Your Data: Regularly backup important data, such as documents, photos, and videos, on an external hard drive or in the cloud. This will ensure you don't lose valuable information in the event of a storm-related computer or device damage.

  6. Stay Informed: Stay updated on weather forecasts and warnings through reliable sources. Have a battery-powered radio or a smartphone with emergency alerts enabled to receive timely information.

  7. Contact SERVPRO® for Storm Restoration: In case your property sustains storm damage, rely on SERVPRO's expertise. Our team provides emergency board-up services, water damage restoration, debris cleanup, and structural repairs. 

Prepare ahead and stay safe during storm season. SERVPRO is here to help you mitigate and recover from any storm-related damage.

Prepare For Flood Season!

6/22/2023 (Permalink)

As we enter the month of June, it's essential to be aware that we're approaching peak flash flood season. While flooding can occur at any time throughout the year, flash floods, which develop rapidly within a few hours of heavy rainfall, tend to be more prevalent during this period. At SERVPRO®, we understand the devastating impact of flash floods on homes and businesses. That's why we want to ensure that you have the necessary information and precautions to protect yourself and your property. Here are some key insights to keep in mind: 

  1. Flash flood season peaks in June and July, accounting for over one-third of total reports.
  2. Flooding is the second deadliest weather event in the United States.
  3. Summer floods, including flash floods, are on the rise worldwide, catching many people off guard.

 To protect your home or business from the damaging effects of flash floods, it's crucial to take proactive measures. Here are a few precautions you can implement: 

  • Stay Informed: Keep track of weather alerts and warnings in your area. Stay connected with local news channels and follow updates from the National Weather Service.
  • Develop an Emergency Plan: Create a comprehensive plan for your family or business, including evacuation routes, emergency contacts, and essential supplies.
  • Secure Valuables: Move important documents, heirlooms, and valuables to higher ground or elevated areas to minimize potential water damage.
  • Install Flood Barriers: Consider investing in modern flood control solutions such as flood gates. These devices are easy to install and provide effective protection against floodwaters.

 At SERVPRO, we specialize in disaster response, remediation, and restoration services. When faced with water damage from storms, floods, or plumbing issues, our professionals are here to help. Our experienced team will assess the severity of the damage, provide water removal and cleanup services, and restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. We understand that water damage can be a stressful experience, but you don't have to face it alone. With over 50 years of expertise in repair and property restoration, we are dedicated to making it "Like it never even happened." Don't wait until it's too late. Take the necessary steps to protect your property from flash floods this season. Contact SERVPRO today at 732-578-9888 or visit our website to learn more about our water damage restoration services and how we can assist you. Stay safe and prepared during this flash flood season with SERVPRO by your side!

Flood Damaged Floor Repair

9/30/2022 (Permalink)

A flooded home gym An NJ home gym flooded with water.

Storm surges can be dramatic and cause significant damage but with the proper tools and training, it doesn’t have to mean a total renovation.  The only good thing about storm surges is that the waters often recede as quickly as they rush in.  Hardwood flooring that is properly protected with polyurethane can withstand water penetration if remediation happens quickly.  At SERVPRO we have the right equipment and training to often save hardwood floors instead of removing them.  Here are three techniques we use.

First, our injecti-dry panel system is one way to extract moisture.  Our technicians use plastic sheeting to create a containment area and install dehumidifiers to regulate the moisture levels.  The panels are installed with special methods to reduce additional damage.  We then use moisture measuring meters to monitor the changing moisture levels all the way to the subfloor.

Second, we may utilize a heat drying system that heats the material to approximately 100 degrees.  Heat ducts are installed to remove the humid air and infrared monitors are used to monitor the drying process.

Finally, a Desiccant Dehumidifier may be used to introduce outside air which is passed through a dehumidifier before being introduced to the material.  Again, moisture monitoring equipment is used to measure the progress and reduce moisture at a controlled rate.

If you experience flooded floors call us to see if one of our methods can be used to save the material before you begin removing any material.