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Commercial Mold in Red Bank

Mold needs just two things to grow: moisture and a food source, and it can grow in as quickly as two weeks. Left untreated, especially in commercial spaces, the... READ MORE

Fire in School Bathroom

Whether in a home or commercial building or school, a fire can cause much damage, no matter how small. Flames will leave scorch marks on whatever it touches, an... READ MORE

The Dangers of Electrical Damage

Fire in a home can be devastating, no matter how small. A condo unit in Eatontown had an electrical malfunction in a bedroom socket, causing a small fire in the... READ MORE

Restoring old flooring

Water leaking from above in this old house in Rumson severely damaged this older wood floor. Trying to save it became a priority for our technicians. After the ... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater in Red Bank Causes Damage

Even commercial properties need to be aware of the age of their water heaters! Water heaters are one of the most common water damage issues we find in this busi... READ MORE

Shore Storms Cause Basement Flooding

Shore Storms Cause Basement FloodingThe beginning of March in New Jersey saw three major nor’easter storms, Riley, Quinn and Skylar, in less than two week... READ MORE

Mold in Commercial Space

Mold spores are always in the air, everywhere around us. It just depends on whether the conditions are ripe for mold to take hold and grow. Mold really needs ju... READ MORE

Treadmill Fire Spreads Soot Throughout Home

Fire is probably not the first thing you think of as the result of flooding, however it is a real concern and something every homeowner should be aware of.It is... READ MORE

Water in Exercise Gym

This commercial exercise space in Red Bank suffered water damage on the entire first floor as well as in the basement and storage space. Water soaked into and t... READ MORE

Nor'Easters Hit Jersey Shore

The beginning of March in New Jersey saw two major nor’easter storms, Riley and Quinn, in less than a week. Winter Storm Riley was accompanied by a full m... READ MORE