Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Soda Blasting Cleans Fireplace

Soda blasting is a technique similar to sand or glass blasting, but uses baking soda instead. a hose is connected to a tank and the baking soda is sprayed at a... READ MORE

Fire in School Bathroom

Whether in a home or commercial building or school, a fire can cause much damage, no matter how small. Flames will leave scorch marks on whatever it touches, an... READ MORE

The Dangers of Electrical Damage

Fire in a home can be devastating, no matter how small. A condo unit in Eatontown had an electrical malfunction in a bedroom socket, causing a small fire in the... READ MORE

Treadmill Fire Spreads Soot Throughout Home

Fire is probably not the first thing you think of as the result of flooding, however it is a real concern and something every homeowner should be aware of. It i... READ MORE

Fireplace Damage

Fire in a home can be devastating, no matter how small. This fireplace was improperly installed and started a fire in the wall where it sits. Soot especially is... READ MORE

The Importance of Duct Cleaning After a Fire

We all know that fires can be devastating, even minor ones. But even a small fire can leave a large amount of soot and dust which can penetrate even the tiniest... READ MORE

Microwave Malfunction Causes Fire

The microwave in this kitchen in Oceanport malfunctioned, resulting in a kitchen fire that also destroyed the stove and surrounding cabinets and charred the ref... READ MORE

Fire Damage is More Than Just Smoke

Fire in a home can be devastating, no matter how small. Even small kitchen fires can cause major damage, from smoke that lingers to soot and dust that can trave... READ MORE

Condo Kitchen Fire

Did you ever leave the house wondering if you left the coffee machine on? There's a good reason why you should always double check to make sure it is turned off... READ MORE